Event FAQs

Can I bring my pet to Cranes Roost Park? 

Pets are not permitted in the Amphitheater or Plaza and are not permitted throughout the park during events with street closures. On non-event days, pets are permitted in the pet walk areas of the park provided the animal is kept on a leash no longer than eight feet. All animal excrement must be properly cleaned up and disposed of by the owner or keeper of the animal. For more information, visit the Pets webpage.

My business would like to produce an event. Whom should I contact? 

To rent the facility, contact Events Management at (407) 571-8858.

Can my business or organization hand out literature during an event? 

Only registered vendors and sponsors are permitted to distribute literature during an event. Please call (407) 571-8857 for more information on becoming involved in events at Cranes Roost Park.

How do I become a food, merchandise or literature vendor for events in the park? 

Most of the events held in Cranes Roost Park allow for vendors. Events Management staff will be happy to speak with you on the subject of providing a service or product during events.  

Can I meet with a large group of friends in the park? 

The health and safety of our residents and visitors is our top priority. Please call the Events Management office at (407) 571-8858 for group information.

Whom do I contact if I want to have a wedding in the park?

Outdoor weddings are very popular in the park and must be scheduled through Events Management. Weddings are booked on a first-come, first-served basis for available park dates. Please call (407) 571-8858 for more information and available dates.  

Do I need a permit for filming in the park? 

A video permit is required anytime that staged filming is to take place in Cranes Roost Park. To apply, call (407) 571-8858.

Are there accommodations for disabled patrons in the park? 

Yes, Cranes Roost Park is completely wheelchair accessible and accommodations are provided during most events. Please contact Events Management prior to arrival for more information on disabled parking and seating areas during events.

What is the distance of the walkway around the lake? 

The walkway around the lake using the boardwalks is exactly 1 mile.

What are the park hours on non-event days? 

Regular non-event park hours are from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. Hours on Friday and Saturday are 7 a.m. until midnight. Holiday and event day hours may vary. Please see specific event information for hours on those days.

Is fishing allowed in the park?

Yes, fishing is allowed from the shoreline surrounding the lake. A fishing license is required by the State of Florida and will be managed by the park rangers. Fishing is prohibited from the boardwalks, walkways or elevated platforms.

Where do I park for an event? 

There is parking along Cranes Roost Boulevard and ample parking in the Altamonte Mall parking lot and in the Uptown Altamonte business district. Parking restrictions are in effect for some events, please see traffic maps for more information on road closures, traffic patterns and what parking areas are available.

Who is in charge of the events in the park? 

The City of Altamonte Springs Events Management Division is responsible for overseeing all events taking place in Cranes Roost Park.

Can I fly a drone in the park? 

Commercial drones (55 pounds or less) are allowed for operators with a commercial FAA Drone license if the following rules are obeyed: Keep the drone within sight at all times; keep drones from flying over people not involved in their operation; limit drone operations to the hours from a half-hour before sunrise to a half-hour after sunset; limit speed to no more than 100 mph; fly no higher than 400 feet. Drones are not allowed during events without prior permission from Events Management. Drone operators must make contact with the on-duty ranger before operating in the park.

Whom do I contact about leasing space in the Uptown Altamonte business district? 

All of the buildings in the Uptown Altamonte business district are privately owned. For contact information, visit the Residential and Commercial Info webpage.