Professional Standards

Professional standards serves to ensure the integrity of the agency, for the public, the employee, and the agency. An employee’s ability to perform their duties is dependent upon the respect and confidence communities have for them. Every employee must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the integrity and trustworthiness expected of them by the public.

Complaint Procedure

The Internal Affairs Section can be contacted 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling (407) 571-8201. After hours, weekends and holidays contact the on-duty watch commander by calling the non-emergency number, (407) 339-2441, so your complaint can be immediately addressed.

Any person alleging misconduct on the part of a member with the Police Department will be asked to complete an Administrative Complaint Form detailing the inappropriate conduct or concern. The complaint form will then be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Section for review and research to determine what departmental policies have been violated or are in question. The complaint will then either be assigned to the appropriate employee’s supervisor (supervisor’s inquiry) to investigate or it will be investigated by the Internal Affairs Section (internal inquiry).

During the investigation, the complainant will be contacted for further details on the incident along with any witnesses.

Law enforcement officers, mindful of their responsibility to the whole community, shall deal with individuals of the community in a manner calculated to instill respect for its laws and its police service. Law enforcement officers shall conduct their official life in a manner that will inspire confidence and trust. Thus, they will be neither overbearing nor subservient, as no individual citizen has an obligation to stand in awe of them nor a right to command them. The officers shall give service where they can and require compliance with the law. They will do neither from personal preference or prejudice but rather as duly appointed officers of the law discharging their sworn obligation.

Bias Based Profiling Policy