Apply for Permits & Schedule Inspections

Hard Hat and Plans

How to Apply For Permits & Schedule Inspections

Licensed contractors can use the Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal to:

  • Obtain specific permits
  • Check the status of permits
  • Schedule inspections

Permits obtained online are limited to those not needing a plan review or those attached to a building permit that has already been through a review and issued. (Please read each permit description carefully to determine if you can pull a permit through CSS.)

Apply for permit or schedule an inspection on a new permit.

Permits that require a plan review must be submitted in person to the Building and Fire Safety Department or sent by mail or a delivery service. All permits obtained by homeowners must be applied for in person. All generator permits require a plan review.

For information on how to create a user account, apply for permits, request inspections and pay invoices, view the following guides: