Environmental Lab

Environmental Lab

The City's Environmental Lab is certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC). Located at the nationally recognized Altamonte Springs Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ASRWRF), the laboratory assists in the protection of our environment through consultation, analysis and reporting on samples collected throughout our city.

Collection events range from inquiries about tap water, identification of unknown substances, to the monitoring of industrial contributors and compliance with federal and state monitoring regulations for contamination levels in our lakes and streams, our drinking water, reclaimed water, wastewater and treated effluent.

Our laboratory is certified by the State of Florida, Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories for the examination of samples in the following categories:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  • Microbiology
  • Primary Inorganic Contaminants
  • Secondary Inorganic Contaminants
  • Clean Water Act (CWA)
  • General Chemistry                
  • Metals                
  • Microbiology 

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