Business Tax Receipts

To conduct business in the City of Altamonte Springs, businesses must pay both a city and county business tax. This tax is for the privilege of engaging in a business, trade or occupation within the City. (Please refer to Chapter 19 of the City Code of Ordinances.)

Some occupations require a state license as well, and it is required to produce a copy of this license prior to the issuance of a Business Tax Receipt. Both city and county Business Tax Receipts may be obtained from the City Clerk.

The City Clerk maintains a listing of businesses taxed in the City and can answer inquiries regarding these businesses. Complaints concerning business practices; however, should be addressed to the Better Business Bureau at (407) 621-3300.

To apply for a Business Tax Receipt, call (407) 571-8116, visit the City Clerk Department, or download the Business Tax Receipt Application. The application for the Business Tax Receipt and related ownership information can be completed prior to your visit, mailed to our office with a copy of any necessary state licenses or emailed with a copy of any necessary state licenses. Applications cannot be submitted online and are processed only if fully complete. Missing information will cause your application to be returned.

Additionally, the filing of an application for a Business Tax Receipt does not give the applicant authorization to begin business activities. The Growth Management Department must review the application for conformance with applicable zoning regulations prior to a Business Tax Receipt being approved and issued.

For more information, download the New Business Owner's Info Guide.